Top methods of hair transplant. Find out how it is done

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hair 2It is not a secret that beautiful and well-maintained hair can affect our image positively. However, nature is not generous for everyone. With age our hair becomes more rare. Many of us also face the problem of receding hair. You do not have to agree on such a state of affairs, because our hair transplant clinic comes with the solution of the FUE hair systems.


So far the best known method of dealing with hair problems was the strip method that was painful and unpleasant for patients. In this method strips of skin from the back of the head were cut to provide material for transplant on the bald area. This old system of hair restoration not only caused pain, but also very often resulted in disfiguring scars. The good news is that you do not have to suffer to enjoy good looks. Our Hair Transplant Clinic uses only the latest method that revolutionized the market of hair transplant. Get to know the FUE hair systems.

The FUE procedure differs from the old treatment a lot in both implementation and comfort aspects. In this new method grafts that contain 2-5 healthy hairs taken from the sides and back of the head, are transplanted directly to the hair slots on the bald areas. This method is extremely effective as the hair uptake reaches up to 97%! What’s more, this way of restoring hair is not painful. Patients describe it rather as a bit inconvenient which may be closely related to the length of procedure. However, you need to remember that precise work cannot be done fast.

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Advantages of choosing FUE system

  • The biggest advantage is that the result of this treatment looks fully natural.
  • The method provides patients with higher level of comfort when comparing to the old systems and is almost painless.
  • It is the most secure and efficient solution on the market ? within 10 months a hair uptake reaches up to 90%!
  • You don’t need to worry about postponing your daily duties ? the recovery time is only a few days and redness disappears after 4 to 5 days. The great majority of patients decides to go back to work within just 1-2 days.

hairThe procedure

The whole procedure is divided into two sections. The first of them is the treatment itself which lasts around 8 hours. When completed, you will be required to stay in the clinic for one more day. After that you are free to return to your daily routine.

However, you will need to remember to follow some rules that will be discussed with you during medical consultation. You will be allowed to return the day after surgery, but it is forbidden to play any sports and to exercise. You will have to avoid any activity that might elevate your blood pressure and also to be very careful not to hit your head.

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