Hair transplant in Turkey in 5 steps

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hair transplant 1. CHOOSING THE CLINIC

It is really worth it to seek out a hair transplant in Turkey? When looking at the prices, which can be as low as 0,49/Graft, this offer becomes very competitive. The clinics we have partnered with in Turkey all use the latest in technology, and offer specialitsts with extensive experience and technical knowhow. The level of treatment which can be received in Turkey is second to none.

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We will help you with all formalities when traveling and undergoing your procedure. We are a medical travel company and we arrange your accomodation, the handling of documents and medical records, and we place you in contact with the clinic to ensure adequate communication at all times. We want to provide a seamless process while you are abroad, so leave the planning and logistics to us.


The doctors we work with are experienced and they will conduct a consultation to understand your needs and desired outcome. They will be able to offer suggestions as well as clearly outline what your expectations can be as a result of your procedure. Our clinics are modern, and we use the latest techniques – including the FUE method. You will be pleased with the cleanliness and organization of the clinics, all equipment is sterile, and meets EU standards.


When considering a hair transplant in Turkey, it’s easy to wonder about the procedure itself. Will there be complications? Does it hurt? With the modern techniques and experienced specialists we offer, you can rest assured that your treatment will be safe, and pain free. Also, by using the FUE method, grafts are taken one by one from the donor area, and there is no trace of hair thinning in the donor area after the procedure. No more than 30% of hair is removed from the donor area, and you will not see any visible scars, or have to deal with stitches or other complications.


Aside from not experiencing any negative visual effects following your hair transplant, you will immediately look younger, more professional, and you will get to enjoy the hair restoration that can be expected with this method. The long lasting effects can begin to enrich your life right away without withholding you from your daily life. Be sure to communicate openly with your doctor, as this can help you achieve the most out of your hair transplant.

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