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Liposuction or Tummy Tuck: What’s the Difference?

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Liposuction abroadTummy tuck vs Lipo Poland is a procedure which removes fat that is accumulated on the abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs. This involves inserting under the skin a thin tube (cannula) to suck residual fat.

While abdominoplasty procedure abroad involves not only the removal of excess skin but also the reconstruction of the straight muscles of the abdomen which should protect our intestines. After an intense weight loss or pregnancy, these muscles stretch, which may result herniation.

The procedure of abdominoplasty is also reconstructive. Therefore, it is not only the question of aesthetic, but also health.

Medical  Holidays Abroad can help you to book liposuction or abdominoplasty abroad. With our help, you will get a high-quality plastic surgery and save up to 70% on it.

Who should consider a tummy tuck?

Women after gave birth to a child and people who had an intense weight loss. It relates more to patients after a surgery that reduces the stomach, who lost 50 or 70 kg. Stretched skin needs to be removed and the damaged muscles need to be reconstructed.

If you consider yourself as a perfect candidate for liposuction or tummy tuck leave us an inquiry and we will organize everything for you. With Beauty Poland, you can have the body of your dreams!

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey - All you need to know when planning a trip for your new hair

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hair transplantHair loss is a sign of our times. We don’t only lose hair because of aging, but also because of a range of other factors that affect us every day such as diseases or chronic stress. Fortunately, you are not doomed to premature baldness, because years of research have helped to invent and develop a method that gains raising popularity worldwide – hair transplant.

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Medical Holidays Abroad presents you one of our best offershair transplant in Turkey. We know exactly what we are talking about, because we have led hundreds of patients through this process. Hair transplant in Turkey is a good option for those who are looking for a high quality solution to their problem at an affordable price. However, getting treatment abroad may sound terrifying and we can fully understand that as no one wants to spend money without knowing what exactly they are paying for. This is why it is worth it to have someone who can explain the process to you step by step and take care of your interests by helping you at any stage of your travel. Among the clinics we cooperate with we would particularly like to recommend two of them – in Istanbul and Izmir.

 HT Istanbul

Our clinic in Istanbul offers you two types of treatment when it comes to hair transplant Istanbul. You can choose between the standard method and the FUE technique. The cost of the procedure by the use of the standard method starts from 2842 GBP, which covers treatment, pre-procedure testing and a post-treatment visit. You will be expected to spend 3 nights in the clinic and the transport between the hotel, the airport and the clinic will be provided.

You can also choose the modern FUE technique, which is almost painless and has a shorter recovery time.  This method involves graft transplants and each graft has between 2 and 5 hairs. The price per graft starts from 0,5 GBP, and the final price depends on an individual patient case. One treatment usually requires 1500-4000 grafts, and the options we offer are:

  • 1500-2000 Graft    1,218 GBP
  • 2000-2500 Graft    1,421 GBP
  • 2500-3000 Graft    1,624 GBP
  • 3000-4000 Graft    1,827 GBP

The clinic in Istanbul also offers eyebrow transplantation for  1218 GBP which includes pre-treatment testing, treatment and a post-treatment visit. The FUE technique Izmir is also available in our clinic in Izmir, where the cost per one graft equals 0,99GBP.

A visit in Turkey is an easy way to get professional and high quality treatment at a reasonable price. If you are affraid of additional costs we can simply calm you down – the flight prices from the UK to Turkey start from 60 GBP and our clinics cooperate with hotels thanks to which we can offer our patients lower prices. In our case 250 euro covers 2 nights at the hotel and transportation in the city (airport-hotel-clinic). You will be also allowed to pay by the use of your credit or debit card.

If you find this offer interesting contact us for more details. We will be happy to dispel your doubts and answer all of your questions.

Hair transplant in Turkey in 5 steps

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hair transplant 1. CHOOSING THE CLINIC

It is really worth it to seek out a hair transplant in Turkey? When looking at the prices, which can be as low as 0,49/Graft, this offer becomes very competitive. The clinics we have partnered with in Turkey all use the latest in technology, and offer specialitsts with extensive experience and technical knowhow. The level of treatment which can be received in Turkey is second to none.

Prices from £0,49/Graft! Book Now!


We will help you with all formalities when traveling and undergoing your procedure. We are a medical travel company and we arrange your accomodation, the handling of documents and medical records, and we place you in contact with the clinic to ensure adequate communication at all times. We want to provide a seamless process while you are abroad, so leave the planning and logistics to us.


The doctors we work with are experienced and they will conduct a consultation to understand your needs and desired outcome. They will be able to offer suggestions as well as clearly outline what your expectations can be as a result of your procedure. Our clinics are modern, and we use the latest techniques – including the FUE method. You will be pleased with the cleanliness and organization of the clinics, all equipment is sterile, and meets EU standards.


When considering a hair transplant in Turkey, it’s easy to wonder about the procedure itself. Will there be complications? Does it hurt? With the modern techniques and experienced specialists we offer, you can rest assured that your treatment will be safe, and pain free. Also, by using the FUE method, grafts are taken one by one from the donor area, and there is no trace of hair thinning in the donor area after the procedure. No more than 30% of hair is removed from the donor area, and you will not see any visible scars, or have to deal with stitches or other complications.


Aside from not experiencing any negative visual effects following your hair transplant, you will immediately look younger, more professional, and you will get to enjoy the hair restoration that can be expected with this method. The long lasting effects can begin to enrich your life right away without withholding you from your daily life. Be sure to communicate openly with your doctor, as this can help you achieve the most out of your hair transplant.

See the best facelift effects - the treatment is available for you as well!

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faceliftYour new, younger appearance!

With age, we pay more and more attention to looking young. Satisfaction with one’s own image is the basis for well-being and self-confidence. The good news is that you can reduce the signs of aging thanks to a facelift, which brings long lasting results. Your look does not have to reveal your age!

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Be successful!

It is not a secret that your look tells a lot about the general image of your employer. Companies want their teams to be representative, which often affects their choices during interviews. Nowadays employers value your experience, but they want you to look good as well. A young and well-groomed appearance  may therefore be your passport to a great career.

A celebrity look is now at your fingertips

People keep wondering how it is possible that celebrities are not touched by time. They always look fresh and younger than an ordinary person at their age. However, usually the key to their image is aesthetic medicine which creates an effect of a smooth and rested face. Why wouldn’t you look like a star when such treatments as a facelift procedure with Medical Holidays Abroad are cheaper and more available than ever?

Great results

There are different methods of fighting against the effects of aging, but most of them bring temporary results and need constant repetitions. A facelift is a bit more invasive, but the effect is long lasting. This way you can enjoy the results for months and even for years!

Top class specialists

We do our best to meet your needs. Our top class surgeons always listen carefully to your needs to make sure that they will achieve the effect that you’re expecting. See some of examples of their previous works and do not hesitate to join the happy patients who decided to change their lives for the better!

4 reasons to get a hair transplant with Medical Holidays Abroad

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man hairEmpty places on the temples or on top of your head – this problem seems common, especially among people who have crossed 35. Fortunately, the fact that you started losing hair is not a disaster. Hair transplant abroad may be an option for you.

Prices from £0,49/Graft! Book Now!

1. Feel better

Hair loss is not noticeable right away. Hair is getting rarer and rarer, and suddenly, one day you notice empty spaces and it turns out that nothing can be done with them. For some people this can be a shock, especially when there were no people who had to deal with such a problem in their family, so – to be more precise – when nothing indicated that premature hair loss was coming. A hair transplant abroad e.g. in Turkey or Hungary, is an easy way to restore your well-being. And what’s the most important – it’s never to late to…

 2. …look younger!

We live in the times when people particularly pay attention to a young and fresh look. Aesthetic medicine is useful, but you have to know how to use it in moderation and in your favor. Minor treatments can make a big difference. Hair transplant makes it so that you do not have to worry about a problem that usually points to an older age.

 hair3. Be more confident

A younger, more attractive appearance translates directly into confidence. With your new hair you will feel like a well-groomed person who looks great when compared to others. Local hair loss is no reason to withdraw from working or social life. You can permanently fix the unwanted problem and enjoy a beautiful haircut again.

 4. It’s safe

Some people want to restore their previous look, but they are afraid of consequences. As a result they choose inconvenient wigs or toupees to cover their ‘problem’. If you suffer from hair loss you should know that hair transplant is nothing to be ashamed of. What’s more, this type of cosmetic treatment  abroad when conducted by a specialist, is highly safe. The key is to choose a professional plastic hair transplant clinic that specializes in this type of treatment, but no worries – we know the best of them in Turkey, Hungary and many more destination and we cooperate with them for your convenience and satisfaction. The doctors we work with have years of experience and they work using the latest techniques which are much more efficient than those that were used over a dozen or even several years ago. Contact us and we will help you get rid of your problem quickly.

 5. It’s cheap with Medical Holidays Abroad!

With Medical Holidays Abroad hair transplant becomes available for everyone. Our company always try to provide best price-to-value ratio to our patients. With our help, you can save up to 70 % compared to the UK or Norway. Our prices start from 0,49/Graft.

Liposuction ? myths and facts. Check why is it worth it to have it done abroad!

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body 2Aesthetic medicine allows us to shorten the way to our dream figure. Today, we are going to take a closer look at one of its biggest achievements of liposuction procedure. You must have heard a lot about it, haven’t you? Time to answer some questions that might have been bothering you.


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1. Slim people shouldn’t have liposuction done? myth

This information may surprise you, but liposuction isn’t addressed to obese people. The perfect patient is a slim person who for some reasons can’t get rid of fat accumulated in specific areas of body such as stomach, tights or above knees. More about different kind of liposuction abroad you will find on our Medical Holidays Abroad website.

2. Liposuction can replace a diet? myth

Liposuction is not a magic trick that will turn you into a super model. The main goal of this cosmetic treatment abroad is to support healthy habits such as physical activity and an appropriate diet. Most doctors don’t agree on liposuction abroad when their patient has a lot of unwanted kilograms in such cases their first piece of advice is to lose weight through sport and balanced meals.

3. Liposuction is not for smokers? true

If you are addicted to cigarettes you need to ask yourself a serious question: what’s more important ? my bad habit or my dream figure. Smoking cigarettes affects blood clotting, therefore people who are smokers must refrain from smoking 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after liposuction treatment abroad.

liposuction4. Liposuction will leave ugly furrows on my body? myth

A properly conducted liposuction treatment shouldn’t leave any marks on your skin, but some wrinkles can appear when you are over 40 and your skin is no longer as elastic as in the case of young people. Unwanted, unsightly marks can be a result of too aggressive of treatment when a doctor decides to suction more fat cells than recommended.

Liposuction is a great method that can support your efforts to get a perfect size before the summer. A lot of people delay their decision, because this kind of treatment – even though bringing long lasting effects may seem expensive. However, there’s a solution that enjoys bigger and bigger popularity especially in western Europe countries having your liposuction treatment done abroad with Medical Holidays Abroad.

It is worth it to choose that option. As a professional agent, we stay in touch with the best plastic surgery clinics from Central Europe that not only use the latest solutions but also hire the most experienced staff. Their favorable prices when compared to western Europe make liposuction an affordable treatment for everyone.

Khloe Kardashian showed the world her new appearance!

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The 31-year-old star Khloe Kardashian shared her new photos to show her Instagram followers new hair, but everyone noticed how her face changed. Before, she admitted that she is a fan of cosmetic and surgical enhancements. She said that going under the knife or having fillers is almost like make-up. Surgeons assume that the star had a facelift, botox, nose job and lip fillers.



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KhloeKhloe  insists that she hasn’t had a nose job. In the interview, she said that her nose got smaller because of the weight loss. But her 44.1 million fans are sure that such changes are impossible to get without a surgeon. Anyway seems like Khloe loves the way she looks now!  


Top methods of hair transplant. Find out how it is done

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hair 2It is not a secret that beautiful and well-maintained hair can affect our image positively. However, nature is not generous for everyone. With age our hair becomes more rare. Many of us also face the problem of receding hair. You do not have to agree on such a state of affairs, because our hair transplant clinic comes with the solution of the FUE hair systems.


So far the best known method of dealing with hair problems was the strip method that was painful and unpleasant for patients. In this method strips of skin from the back of the head were cut to provide material for transplant on the bald area. This old system of hair restoration not only caused pain, but also very often resulted in disfiguring scars. The good news is that you do not have to suffer to enjoy good looks. Our Hair Transplant Clinic uses only the latest method that revolutionized the market of hair transplant. Get to know the FUE hair systems.

The FUE procedure differs from the old treatment a lot in both implementation and comfort aspects. In this new method grafts that contain 2-5 healthy hairs taken from the sides and back of the head, are transplanted directly to the hair slots on the bald areas. This method is extremely effective as the hair uptake reaches up to 97%! What’s more, this way of restoring hair is not painful. Patients describe it rather as a bit inconvenient which may be closely related to the length of procedure. However, you need to remember that precise work cannot be done fast.

Prices from £0,49/Graft! Book Now!

Advantages of choosing FUE system

  • The biggest advantage is that the result of this treatment looks fully natural.
  • The method provides patients with higher level of comfort when comparing to the old systems and is almost painless.
  • It is the most secure and efficient solution on the market ? within 10 months a hair uptake reaches up to 90%!
  • You don’t need to worry about postponing your daily duties ? the recovery time is only a few days and redness disappears after 4 to 5 days. The great majority of patients decides to go back to work within just 1-2 days.

hairThe procedure

The whole procedure is divided into two sections. The first of them is the treatment itself which lasts around 8 hours. When completed, you will be required to stay in the clinic for one more day. After that you are free to return to your daily routine.

However, you will need to remember to follow some rules that will be discussed with you during medical consultation. You will be allowed to return the day after surgery, but it is forbidden to play any sports and to exercise. You will have to avoid any activity that might elevate your blood pressure and also to be very careful not to hit your head.

Check Hollywood stars who have had plastic surgery

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Television, magazines, the Internet ? all of them cultivate the perfect look. We see ideal smiles, perfect hairstyles, impeccable body shape. We look at celebrities thinking that they are so gorgeous and that they have become successful thanks to their unbelievable appearance. However, nothing could be more wrong! Most stars use the benefits of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Properly conducted treatment makes appearance remain natural and it is hard to tell whether or not a plastic surgeon has been involved in the process. Fortunately, we have proof that you can also look incredible. Let’s check the biggest transformations in Hollywood!

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Courteney-Cox-Breast-Implants5. Courteney Cox

The secret of Courtney’s change is not visible at first glance. She didn’t change anything in her face, but instead decided to enlarge her breasts. This surgery definitely added lovely feminine shapes to her body. What’s more ? the new breasts look totally natural.




Angelina Jolie before after4. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She continuously excels in the ranks for the most desired women on the planet. However, her attention attracting appearance is not a 100% work of nature. When comparing her old pictures to the new ones it becomes clear that the actress corrected the shape of her nose and lifted her cheeks.



sandrabullock before after3.Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is another celebrity who decided to change something in her look. Her comeliness has been highlighted by plastic surgery. Sandra decided to make her nose smaller and it was a bull’s eye! The star looks more delicate and her features became more regular.



megan_fox before after

2.Megan Fox

Megan Fox used to be compared to Angelina Jolie and was supposed to become her worthy successor. Her ethereal and somewhat mysterious look make the men’s hearts beat stronger! Did you know that Megan also improved a few things? Her old pictures reveal a nose correction. Specialists also claim that Megan chose cheek augmentation. Implants placed over her cheek bones made her face look more distinct.


heidi before after1.Heidi Montag

This is definitely one of the biggest changes! This is the brightest example of how modern medicine can turn you into a completely new person. After examining the old pictures of Heidi, you will easily see how many surgeries she went through. Eyebrow lifting, nose correction, and liposuction of hips, thighs and botox are just a few points on this list. Anyway, we must admit that after those treatments Heidi looks very good. An ordinary look was turned into an eye-catching appearance of one of the most desired women in the world.

Even though the above mentioned examples show that plastic surgery may be used thoughtfully and bring great results we also feel like we should warn you. The key words are moderation and professionalism. When being in the good hands of an expert in their field you can be sure that small corrections will not only help you feel better, but also will make you look fresh and natural. However, excessive interference conducted by a doctor without reputability may result in a disaster. This is why, when choosing a plastic surgery  clinic, you should remember to trust only the well known places with positive testimonials of satisfied patients.


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