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    Dental Veneers Prague

    5 reasons to choose veneers in Prague with Medical Holidays Abroad

    smiling couple1. Reasonable prices! Save even 75% compared to UK or Norway prices

    Choosing veneers in Prague is a guarantee of satisfaction at an extremely competitive price. Comparing to the UK or Norway in Prague you can save up to 75% by choosing dental veneers in Prague! The secret of this difference lays in economical differences and not taking advantage of such opportunity would be a huge loss. Clinics in Prague offer high standard services that do not differ from the services provided by western specialists. This is why getting veneers in Prague seems to be more and more attractive for patients from such countries as Germany, France or England.

    Prices from €424! Book Now!

    2. Top specialists! Medical Holidays Abroad cooperates only with top dentists in Prague

    We believe that top services like dental veneers can only be executed by best in class professionals, so we recognize it as the main factor when choosing our partners. We make sure that on our offer there are only reliable dental clinics that enjoy good reputability. The comfort and convenience of our clients are the most important, so we make every effort to ensure that they are in good hands. Testimonials of our previous patients only confirm our words.

    3. Best in class service with immediate effect

    The clinics that we cooperate with are a bright example of how to build a team of experts who excel beyond other companies on the market. Modern equipment, high standards in accordance with international regulations and the latest techniques are the combination that must work. And it does. With Medical Holidays Abroad you will never have to submit a complaint and wait for the proper execution. The effects we provide are not only immediate, but also very solid and precise.  

    4. Free dental consultation before the treatments

    Your comfort is for us all-important. We know that patients want to know what to expect from dental treatment, and also to find out more about the course of the procedure. For us such consultation is also beneficial, because it enables our dentists to adjust the chosen method to your case and to prepare all essential means during your treatment. We believe that free dental consultation is also a sign of our care and interests in patients’ needs.

    5. Get a smile like a superstar thanks to dental veneers in Prague

    If it ever came you your mind that you can’t afford that Hollywood smile you know from television, you couldn’t have been more wrong. When choosing dental veneers in Prague you can achieve results that will be more than satisfactory. A beautiful smile is a reflection of confidence and a positive attitude toward life and we believe that these are the features that characterize you. Don’t hide your optimism. Thanks to our offer you will be able to express yourself in any way you want, but particularly by a new, incredible smile.

    Perfect Dental Clinic in Budapest!

    "My experience was very positive. Everything about this clinic is so professional. I was well looked after and my dentist took a real interest in my treatment making sure everything went smoothly. The end result was perfect, even better than I expected. Should I need any treatment in the future I will certainly go back. I couldn’t recommend this clinic highly enough."


    Paula T., Ireland

    Perfect smile in Ljubljana!

    “Very professional and kind dentist, who answered to all my questions about porcelain veneers. I explain that I didn’t want a Hollywood smile, and they perfectly respect my decision. The result is very natural. Great and fast work, and so much less expensive than in France. I love my new smile.”

    S.F., France

    Professional and caring staff in Calcutta!

    “I found it to be a professional clinic with informative, caring staff.


    Friendly atmosphere in Krakow clinic!

    “I had already booked a holiday with friends to Krakow. A friend suggested I look into dental care as I needed two fillings. I arranged it all easily by email before I went & got two fillings, for the price of one in Ireland! The dentist was lovely, fluent English & really professional.  It was done so quickly.  I’ll really recommend it!”

    E.B., Ireland

    Professional and polite doctors in Bratislava!

    “Everything was fine! The doctor was professional and polite! Fair price!:)

    Antonis T.,

    Pleasant expirience in Tenerife!

    “Fine personalized consultation and then a job well done. Courteous and professional service.”

    Henrik, Denmark

    Perfect dental adventure in Croatia!

    “I am very satisfied with my dental adventures in Croatia. Dr Ivan has an excellent, modern, well equipped dental office and his own technical laboratory. It took only 2 visits during 3 days to produce and install the 4 dental crowns of high quality I came there for.  I am very pleased with Ivan’s welcoming personality, his professional skills and a fine dental work. “

    Lady T. Perskaja, Sweden

    Ideal clinic in Szczecin!

    “I feel that the Clinic in Szczecin is absolutely ideal for patients needing quite extensive treatment, offering as it does a very peaceful stress-free environment with a very caring and helpful staff (...) I was particularly impressed at the way the whole mouth was taken into consideration and not just the fact that I needed implants.“

    R.A., UK

    Highest recommendation for the clinic in Antalya!

    “I really recommend the clinic. That’s why I go back, all the way from Greenland. Even the tickets are very expensive. “

    Anette B., Nuuk, Greenland

    Great treatment in Krakow!

    “Great treatment, no waiting list and perfectly price offer! Furthermore great team and fast mail answering!”


    High quality treatment in Warsaw!

    “I was really very pleasantly surprised by the quality of work provided- and also the price. He replaced some mercury fillings with white ones and it’s like I have new teeth! I would recommend this dentist very highly and it’s likely I will be returning next year for more treatment.”

    S.D., UK

    Dental Treatments and Travel Abroad - Medical Holidays Abroad

    Top 3 tourist attractions in Prague

    St. Vitus Cathedral1. St. Vitus Cathedral

    – a monumental cathedral with unique stained glass windows. Visiting it is an excellent opportunity to take a closer look at unique Gothic architecture.



    Old Town Square2. Old Town

    – a beautiful historic place with a multitude of monuments. Charming streets hide dozens of cozy cafes which are also worth visiting during a trip to feel the atmosphere of Prague.

    3.Karluv Most3. Karluv Most

    – a breathtaking spot ideal for romantic walks both during the day and at night.

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      Articles about dental veneers abroad