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    Dental crowns Split

    5 reasons to choose crowns in Split with Medical Medical Holidays Abroad

    smiling girl1.Most Affordable prices in Europe for dental crowns.

    The costs of dental crowns in most western countries are unreasonably high. That is why Medical Holidays Abroad is getting more and more popular, with our help you can save up to 70% on your dental treatment at the same time the quality of dental crown in Split is just as high as in any western European country. With our company you do not need to worry about anything because Medical Holidays Abroad will organize everything for you.

    Prices from €179! Book Now!

    2.Wide offer and highest quality of our products

    There are different types of dental crowns offered by Medical Holidays Abroad. They can be made of different materials from porcelain and ceramics to gold and combination of different metals. Medical Holidays Abroad is working only with the best clinics in Split and we can guarantee you that our dentists will find a perfect type of teeth implants for you. After your treatment in Split you will come back home with a perfect smile.  

    3.Top specialists in Split!

    In order to be a dentist in Croatia you have to study hard for 5 years and have one year of practice. All of the dentists we are working with are the best specialists of Croatia. Medical Holidays Abroad is working only with top clinics in Split and we can guarantee you the high quality of the services they provide. Not only our dentists are professionals, but they also can speak English and are always happy to answer all your questions.

    4.Boosts your self-confidence thanks to dental crowns.

    Smile is the first thing we notice when we meet a new person, so the best thing to invest your money in order to boost your self-confidence is dental care. Dental crowns are the perfect way to make your smile look perfect. If you do not like your smile when you look in the mirror, we are ready to help you.  After the treatment in our clinic you will feel confident and beautiful.

    5.Safety guarantee! Our Dentists offer proven methods of dental treatments and modern equipment

    There is no reason for you to worry about the safety of your dental treatment in our clinic. Medical Holidays Abroad is helping people to have a perfect smile for the last 10 years. For you we choose the best clinics with the latest equipment and the best specialists. What is more our consultants will provide all the additional services you might need. With our help, you will be able to have a high quality treatment with lower prices, and at the same time you will discover a new beautiful country.

    Perfect Dental Clinic in Budapest!

    "My experience was very positive. Everything about this clinic is so professional. I was well looked after and my dentist took a real interest in my treatment making sure everything went smoothly. The end result was perfect, even better than I expected. Should I need any treatment in the future I will certainly go back. I couldn’t recommend this clinic highly enough."


    Paula T., Ireland

    Perfect smile in Ljubljana!

    “Very professional and kind dentist, who answered to all my questions about porcelain veneers. I explain that I didn’t want a Hollywood smile, and they perfectly respect my decision. The result is very natural. Great and fast work, and so much less expensive than in France. I love my new smile.”

    S.F., France

    Professional and caring staff in Calcutta!

    “I found it to be a professional clinic with informative, caring staff.


    Friendly atmosphere in Krakow clinic!

    “I had already booked a holiday with friends to Krakow. A friend suggested I look into dental care as I needed two fillings. I arranged it all easily by email before I went & got two fillings, for the price of one in Ireland! The dentist was lovely, fluent English & really professional.  It was done so quickly.  I’ll really recommend it!”

    E.B., Ireland

    Professional and polite doctors in Bratislava!

    “Everything was fine! The doctor was professional and polite! Fair price!:)

    Antonis T.,

    Pleasant expirience in Tenerife!

    “Fine personalized consultation and then a job well done. Courteous and professional service.”

    Henrik, Denmark

    Perfect dental adventure in Croatia!

    “I am very satisfied with my dental adventures in Croatia. Dr Ivan has an excellent, modern, well equipped dental office and his own technical laboratory. It took only 2 visits during 3 days to produce and install the 4 dental crowns of high quality I came there for.  I am very pleased with Ivan’s welcoming personality, his professional skills and a fine dental work. “

    Lady T. Perskaja, Sweden

    Ideal clinic in Szczecin!

    “I feel that the Clinic in Szczecin is absolutely ideal for patients needing quite extensive treatment, offering as it does a very peaceful stress-free environment with a very caring and helpful staff (...) I was particularly impressed at the way the whole mouth was taken into consideration and not just the fact that I needed implants.“

    R.A., UK

    Highest recommendation for the clinic in Antalya!

    “I really recommend the clinic. That’s why I go back, all the way from Greenland. Even the tickets are very expensive. “

    Anette B., Nuuk, Greenland

    Great treatment in Krakow!

    “Great treatment, no waiting list and perfectly price offer! Furthermore great team and fast mail answering!”


    High quality treatment in Warsaw!

    “I was really very pleasantly surprised by the quality of work provided- and also the price. He replaced some mercury fillings with white ones and it’s like I have new teeth! I would recommend this dentist very highly and it’s likely I will be returning next year for more treatment.”

    S.D., UK

    Dental Treatments and Travel Abroad - Medical Holidays Abroad

    Top 3 tourists places to visit during your dental holidays in Split

    Aquarium Split1.Aquarium Split

    This is the largest aquarium in Croatia. It is located 8 km away from the city of Split, but since you are in Split you must visit it. Over 130 different fish species including turtles, crocodiles and freshwater fish can be found there. In its territory 22 aquariums are situated that gives visitors a unique experience to enjoy the underwater world. You can watch such fish species as sharks, lobsters, muraena and many other.


    Statue of Grgur Ninski2.Statue of Grgur Ninski

    This is a bronze statue of Grgur Ninski that is situated outside the city walls. Grgur Ninski was a bishop of Nin in the 10th century. He was honored by Croatians because he fought for Croatians to use their language instead of Latin.  The statue was designed by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. There is an old legend that touching his thumb will bring you happiness and good luck. So whether you are superstitious or not, do not miss the chance to touch the thumb and make a wish!

    Gallery of Fine Arts3.Gallery of Fine Arts

    The building of the gallery was the first city clinic in Split. Nowadays this is a modern art museum it contains works from the 14th century up to our days. The permanent collection of the gallery includes more than 3500 works. There you can find works of such famous artists like Vlaho Bukovac, Mato Celestin Medovic, Branislav Deskovic, Ivan Mestrovic, Emanuel Vidovic and Ignjat Job. The gallery also has a collection of icons and a temporary exhibition that is changing every few month. Also there you can visit a pleasant cafe with the terrace.


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      Articles about dental crowns abroad