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Medical Holidays Abroad is crowdfunding!

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Medical Holidays Abroad as a part of Clinic Hunter has grown from an inspiring idea into a leader in medical tourism industry, offering medical services for foreign patients in Poland. We are looking forward to an exciting phase of growth.

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We have launched and equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs and you are the first to know. The campaign is the opportunity for our friends and patients to share in our growth as a business.

Don’t miss out… The offer is limited and demand is high! Our campaign start on 24th April on

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Crowdfunding is a way for a company to raise capital through the investment efforts of a large group or community (in our case our Feel Good Tribe!). Crowdfunding can be and has been used to great success to bring ideas, ventures and new products to reality by harnessing the power of the crowd.


We have chosen crowdfunding as a means to raise investment, because we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to become a part of Clinic Hunter and solve the problem of NHS.


Financial Services Authority regulates the UK crowdfunding industry so only people based in the UK or Europe can invest in Clinic Hunter via our Seedrs campaign. The minimum investment size on Seedrs is just £10 so everybody can get involved!

This is not an invitation to invest.

Dental veneers - the way to get a pearly smile‬. Check top 6 destinations in Europe

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Veneers abrodIf you read our articles carefully, you already know that dental veneers are one of the most effective ways to restore the beauty of your smile. They do not only look natural but also stand out with their strength and durability which provides long-term satisfaction both visually and functionally.

Dental veneers abroad are widely recognized as one of the best options for those who want to achieve a healthy and natural effect. However, the process itself – especially in the western countries – may be far from what you can afford. Medical Holidays Abroad gives you, therefore, a chance to perform this procedure in Central Europe and Turkey which is only 2-3 hours by plane from the place you’re based in. We cooperate with the best clinics with great reputability confirmed by hundreds of our former patients. Choosing dental veneers with MHA enables you to save up to 75% when compared to western European countries while getting the same level of professionalism and quality. Check the top 6 destinations in Europe which guarantee the best possible results!

 6. Dental veneers in Prague – The Czech Republic

The prices of porcelain veneers in Prague start from 329 GBP. Our clinic is both children and adult friendly and the staff speaks English, French, Czech and Russian. Advanced technologies and materials combined with sensitive approach to every patient sound like a perfect combination and this is what you will find in Prague!

Prices from £329! Book Now!

 5. Dental veneers is Sofia – Bulgaria

The prices of porcelain veneers in Sofia start from 269 GBP. The clinic we cooperate with pays particular attention to patients’ comfort providing them with necessary information and web consultation. The clinic is located in the city centre close to most of the city’s historical monuments which makes it easy to combine your visit for dental purposes with sightseeing.

Prices from £269! Book Now!

 4. Dental veneers in Zagreb – Croatia

The prices of porcelain veneers in Zagreb start from 249 GBP. The clinic is located in one of the most scenic places in Europe. Our Croatian doctors emphasize the fact that the high standard practice and professionalism are very important factors for every doctor. Low prices make it so that the trip to Croatia can easily be transformed into holidays from which you will come back tanned and with a smile on your face. A new smile.

Prices from £249! Book Now!

 3. Dental veneers in Kiev – Ukraine

The prices of porcelain veneers at dental clinics in Kiev start from 199 GBP. Our clinic in Kiev has a long history therefore it provides its patients with plenty of past experience combined with the latest techniques. Highly qualified staff, equipment meeting the EU standards as well as extended knowledge about dentistry make this place a safe and recommended choice.

Prices from £199! Book Now!

 2. Dental veneers in Istanbul – Turkey

The prices of porcelain veneers in Istanbul start from 198 GBP. If you choose dental veneers in Turkey, you can also use our special offer which is 2 nights at the hotel and transport between the airport, the hotel and the clinic for only 250 euro in total! Istanbul is widely recognized as one of the favourite tourist destinations. Here’s your chance to check it on your own!

Prices from £198! Book Now!

 1. Dental veneers in Warsaw – Poland

The prices of porcelain veneers at dental clinics in Warsaw start from 229 GBP. Our clinic in Warsaw, Poland hires only the best professionals and their experience is proven by numerous certificates that confirm their high qualifications. Doctors in this clinic specialize in different fields of dentistry, therefore your visit in Poland may be a great opportunity to deal with other dental problems as well. Everything at a very competitive price!

Prices from £229! Book Now!

Dental treatment abroad? A list of 10 important questions that will help you make the right choice.

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We have prepared a lot of questions that will help you make the best decision.

dentist blog 1. Are you able to place me only with the doctors who are experienced in their field?

Your satisfaction translates into our reputability, therefore, we make sure that we cooperate only with the most respected clinics with well-qualified and experienced specialists.


 2. Does the clinic offer the dental procedure that I need?

We need to know your problem to find the best way to help you. It is important that you describe everything carefully – especially when you are not sure what exactly your problem is. The clinic will message you back in the shortest possible time to offer you the most suitable solutions and present you all options.

 3. Do I need a treatment plan?

A treatment plan is like a guide both for you and for your doctor. Also, preparing it may be useful when you decide to get other treatments in different clinics while staying abroad. All doctors should know your treatment schedule to make sure that the treatments do not interfere with each other.

 4. Does the clinic have a dental laboratory?

Most clinics own professional laboratories. Those that do not, cooperate with external highly regarded institutions and offer their patients free local transport from a clinic to the lab.

plane 5. What kind of help can I expect when organizing my travel?

As a travel agency we support you with your dental travel arrangement and help with finding accommodation. We want you to feel comfortable therefore we take care of all the issues related to your travel and stay.

 6. What to do if any complications occur?

Our doctors are top specialists, therefore they will listen to your needs and expectations and find the most suitable method of completion. Such services as dental crowns, bridges, teeth implants and veneers are always under warranty.  

 7. Will a doctor know my language?

As English is the most popular foreign language, the staff in our clinics offer communication in this language. However, in some of our clinics in Poland doctors also speak German, French, Russian and even Swedish or Norwegian.

 8. How do I know that the testimonials are real?

Our professional clinics constantly stay in touch with their patients. If you want to be put in touch with a person who received the same treatment in a specific clinic, it shouldn’t pose any problem.

 9. For how long should I plan my stay?

Everything depends on a particular treatment. Submit your inquiry and we will inform you about the exact duration of the procedure that you are interested in.

 10. Are there any side effects?

In such delicate treatments side effects may depend on an individual case. However, you can be sure that during a free consultation our doctor will check your medical history and explain any risks.

How to get a Hollywood smile? A practical guide on dental crowns

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smile 1When the first impression matters…

An honest smile is always welcomed. People who smile are recognized as more friendly and easy going. Those who make a good first impression enjoy better work and social lives. Generally, people miss happiness in their everyday lives, so seeing a smiling person with a great approach to life is for them like finding that missing piece, because a smile is often contagious.

On the other hand, people who never smile may be considered dishonest or lacking their self-confidence. They may have problems with building stable social relationships both in their private lives and at work.

There may be thousands reasons to smile. There may also appear some situations that can make you refrain from smiling. However, if one of them is teeth that are not perfect you should know that you can fix this problem fast and without any complications, because dental crowns abroad may be the perfect solution for you. Take a look why.

Prices from £99! Book Now!

crownDurable protection

Dental crowns are mounted to the existing teeth or teeth implants and they are durable prosthesis that – contrary to a denture – can only be removed or replaced by a dentist abroad. A single crown can be made from porcelain or more resistant materials such as gold, alloys, acrylic and ceramics which are particularly recommended for molar teeth. Crowns are aimed to serve you for years, and when properly mounted you will be enjoying their advantages for long years. Find more information about dental crowns on our page!

dental crownWhen can I choose dental crowns?

Dental crowns can be used as a reconstruction of damaged, discoloured or broken teeth. They can also be used to replace huge fillings or to mount a bridge when a tooth is missing to avoid empty spaces that might result in malocclusion. This type of dental treatment can also be applied to strengthen a broken or weak tooth, or just for cosmetic reasons to correct its look, shape or colour.

A dental crown with Medical Holidays Abroad can be mounted during two appointments, but a patient must make sure that they have  prepared their tooth and their whole mouth for prosthetic treatment before. Check our article about celebrities and their dental stories, that proves – everyone can have a Hollywood smile!

5 things you need to know about dental implants

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dental implant vilniusThere are many reasons for choosing teeth implants. If you are considering getting dental implants done we believe that you must have many questions – especially if you want to be treated in a different country with a more competitive offer. To dispel your doubts here are some facts that you should know before choosing teeth implants abroad.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a little screw installed into the bone and covered with a dental crown or dental bridge. Replacement teeth don’t differ from natural teeth at all – they feel, function and look the same way. This technique is available for both upper and lower jaws and is suitable when a patient has lost one as well as many teeth. Thanks to this kind of treatment facial integrity after losing a tooth may be preserved. It is also a good method to boost confidence and enjoy a good looking smile when it is not possible to achieve in any other way. More information about this kind of teeth reconstruction you will find on our website.

Who can be a candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who lost their tooth or teeth may take advantage of this type of treatment. The reasons of lacks in toothing are not important, but the more common of them are injuries and diseases. The key factor when choosing dental implants abroad is health therefore a dentist will expect you to present your medical health history.

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Is this type of dental treatment inconvenient?

When you finally decide on teeth implants abroad you will want to be suDentists in San Josere that the final effect is worth your efforts. Medical Holidays Abroad want you to remember this time as a pleasurable first step to your new smile and we use all means that lead to your comfort such as anesthesia and patient sedation. On the other hand, we may try to convince you that this type of treatment is painless and totally comfortable for a patient, but if you are scared, you won’t believe us. This is why we always provide our patients with contact details to our previous patients. It is the only way to dispel one’s doubts, as a real success story is always more convincing than any, even the most gentle, doctor’s confirmation.

How long will the procedure last?

Dental treatment is divided into two stages. The first of them is implementation and the second is placing crowns. Between these two things there is a recovery time that lasts from 3 to 6 months and is dependent on the individual situation. However, it doesn’t mean that you will be forced to live without teeth for 3 or more months. Our experts offer you temporary crowns and bridges for your daily comfort.

Why choose implants abroad?

Getting dental implants abroad can change your life in many ways, but what’s the most important: simple daily things such as chewing or smiling will stop being problematic. People with teeth implants are not affected by any type of discomfort and function like people with natural toothing. Implants also protect the natural structure of jaw that could be disturbed when missing a tooth or multiple teeth for a long time. However, the biggest advantage of getting implants abroad is the fact that we can offer you treatment in the best world clinics at affordable prices.

Celebrities and their dental stories

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Morgan-Freeman-before-afterMany celebrities, just like any one of us, were not born with perfect, white smile. They may have the inborn talent and skill, but straight, gleaming teeth are often a matter of lottery – you either get it or you don’t and unfortunately there’s nobody to blame.

However, when it comes to celebrities, their teeth are an integral part of their job – it represents them. In interviews, photo shoots, films, basically anywhere they appear they have to look good for their fans and paparazzi. Can you imagine a famous singer with crooked, yellowish teeth? Me neither.

There are many famous people who underwent cosmetic dentistry. Some of the differences are quite shocking and it seems pretty amazing what dentists can actually achieve. It also shows how a simple procedure may greatly change the smile, face and overall look. Celebrities are the ones who most strongly are aware of the importance of pearly white, “Hollywood” smile!

Here are some examples of those well-known people who underwent dental transformation:

Nicolas Cage


That’s an example of a great actor who was willing to sacrifice some of his teeth for a role in a film (“Bird”, 1984) as he had to have a few teeth pulled out. Of course, afterwards he realised that, due to his profession, he had to quickly improve the look of his teeth so he opted for gleaming white veneers. You can definitely tell the difference!

Tom Cruise


He’s one of the most popular Hollywood actors, best know for his hits “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible”. Mr Cruise was more than unlucky with his teeth – they were very crooked and discoloured. The before-after photos we can see now are shocking, especially to think that such a ladies’ man had such bad teeth when he was younger. Apparently, his teeth required not only straightening, but also whitening and later also veneers.

Cher Lloyd


Famous from the British singing programme “X Factor”, Cher Lloyd became known for her lovely voice and pretty face. However, her biggest complex was her teeth, especially the gap in the front. Soon with gaining popularity she could afford excellent treatment which eliminated all her problems and gave her teeth any other girl can be jealous of!

George Clooney


It is common knowledge to anyone who follows celebrity gossip that Mr Clooney regularly grinds his teeth because of the amount of stress and pressure he is under. Although he doesn’t have any major problems with the teeth themselves, the grinding means that he has to opt for veneers regularly. It does make us wonder what makes such a gorgeous man so stressed out…?

Victoria Beckham


Everyone knows “Posh Spice” and her love for glamorous outfits and fashion. However, not everyone knows that her teeth used to be far from perfect. Over time, she got rid of the wide gaps and improved their overall look when she became the most popular member of Spice Girls in the 1990s.

Celine Dion


A woman with excellent, stunning voice which unfortunately couldn’t be said about her teeth, at least at the beginning of her career. She decided to undergo some cosmetic dentistry to make her teeth look smaller, whiter and worthy of a world-class singer.

Mike Tyson

Mike-Tyson before after

Boxers may not be typical types of celebrities but they are still public figures who are especially prone to losing teeth due to their job. Unfortunately he suffered exactly that and replaced the gaps with gold crowns first of all. After some time, he decided to change them for porcelain veneers to make them look slightly smaller and better.

Catherina Zeta-Jones


The Oscar-winner Zeta-Jones used to be teased at school due to crooked teeth which is hard to believe now, considering her stunning beauty and great talent. She used to wear braces as a teenager, but what really helped her improve her teeth was the cosmetic treatment she had as an adult. This is almost like the modern version of the ugly duckling!

Morgan Freeman


The star of “Shawshank Redemption”, “Seven” and “The Bucket List”, like many other people, suffered from teeth deterioriation with age. They became more yellowish and not very representative. Mr Freeman decided to have them nicely whitened and he also decided to eliminate the gap which he had in the front – as you can see, his cosmetic dentist took care of all that!

Cheryl Cole


It’s hard to believe that Cheryl Cole’s teeth weren’t always so straight and gleaming white. Becoming one of the judges of the popular show “X Factor”, she decided to improve her teeth. Her teeth were no longer pointed and long, they gained an even, straight line and pearly white, hollywood shine!

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Dental treatments most popular among celebrities:


This is a dental procedure connected with the popular phrase “hollywood smile”. Veneers are simply small, thin layers in a shape of a false nail, usually made from porcelain. They can cover discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth and fill gaps between teeth as well!

They provide quick and effective results, completely renewing your teeth and improving your smile.

Crowns and bridges

Ideal option for chipped and crooked teeth. Crowns are artificial teeth which are individually made to fit in the gap, and to resemble natural teeth colour so they wouldn’t stand out among the rest. Crowns are made from different materials, usually porcelain or ceramic as they are durable and white; because of that, crowns are one of the most popular dental solutions.

Dental implants

Dental implants are practically very small screws which substitute the root of a tooth. They provide an excellent and long-lasting solution for replacing one or even several teeth. Crowns or bridges are fitted on such implants at a later date.

Teeth whitening

Probably most common procedure, not only among famous people. It’s an easy and affordable type of treatment providing excellent results. Let your teeth shine!

Do you think that cosmetic treatment is unreachable for you? Well, don’t think that! Such treatment is more affordable than you might think and it’s accesible to anyone, not just celebrities. Healthy, straight, white-looking teeth should be everyone’s priority to feel and look good. We all deserve a bit of luxury, right?

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