About us

Medical Holidays Abroad is a brand of the ClinicHunterOur company is the perfect solution for people who like to be satisfied in 100%. ClinicHunter will help you to find medical offer adapted to your preferences. We offer a long list of best specialists and medical clinics around the world.

Dentistry is one of the most popular segment in the medical tourism market. ClinicHunter and Medical Holidays Abroad cooperate with professional and experienced dentists. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priority! Thanks to us, finding any dentist abroad or in your country is easy and free! Medical Holidays Abroad already helped a lot of patients from abroad. And now, we are happy that with ClinicHunter we can realize the dream of a healthy teeth of patients worldwide

With ClinicHunter you can be sure that you will find perfect dental treatment for you at the reasonable prices in the best place for you.

Medical Holidays Abroad has been providing money saving dental treatment aborad since 2012. Our company cooperates with the most professional dental clinics in Poland, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Latwia, The Czech Republic, Cyprus, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, The Ukraine and many more..
Currently we are still expanding our countrywide network of the best dental clinics in Europe. Today you can visit our dentists in the biggest European cities. These cities are easily accessible thanks to many air connections with the airports in Western Europe countries.

Not only cheap dental service, but most of all: customer oriented approach, effective organization together with high quality dental care make of us one of the leaders in organizing dental treatment abroad.
Dental treatment abroad is usually scheduled 2 weeks in advance. When coming for dental holidays with Medical Holidays Abroad you can book hotel directly from our website – click here to check for most suitable hotel for you. Also you can check for flights on here, where you can find the cheapest flights from your airport to the city of dental treatment. In case you need any help you can chat with our consultant, who will help you find most suitable flight and accommodation.
Medical Holidays Abroad website provides all the information you might need when coming to preferred country for dental implants or other sort of dental treatment. We have included all the information about dental services available in our dental clinics. The information includes dental implants treatment, teeth whitening that together with dental veneers will let you smile again with “Hollywood smile”, prosthetic restoration thanks to dentures, crowns and bridges. We have also included information about dental fillings, root canal treatment, tooth extraction, which might be necessary to start more serious dental treatment.

Our cosmetic dentists are specially trained to make sure that your dental experience is pleasurable, that is what makes dentistry with Medical Holidays Abroad one of the best in the world. If you still have doubts about services read our patients testimonials or ask for contact to our previous patients to contact them check their opinion. Medical Holidays Abroad is for sure a good choice. Our priority is to make your dental treatment and holidays both satisfying and memorable. Our dentists are looking forward to seeing you in our dental clinics !
Medical Holidays Abroad Team