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5 things you need to know about dental implants

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dental implant vilniusThere are many reasons for choosing teeth implants. If you are considering getting dental implants done we believe that you must have many questions – especially if you want to be treated in a different country with a more competitive offer. To dispel your doubts here are some facts that you should know before choosing teeth implants abroad.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a little screw installed into the bone and covered with a dental crown or dental bridge. Replacement teeth don’t differ from natural teeth at all – they feel, function and look the same way. This technique is available for both upper and lower jaws and is suitable when a patient has lost one as well as many teeth. Thanks to this kind of treatment facial integrity after losing a tooth may be preserved. It is also a good method to boost confidence and enjoy a good looking smile when it is not possible to achieve in any other way. More information about this kind of teeth reconstruction you will find on our website.

Who can be a candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who lost their tooth or teeth may take advantage of this type of treatment. The reasons of lacks in toothing are not important, but the more common of them are injuries and diseases. The key factor when choosing dental implants abroad is health therefore a dentist will expect you to present your medical health history.

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Is this type of dental treatment inconvenient?

When you finally decide on teeth implants abroad you will want to be suDentists in San Josere that the final effect is worth your efforts. Medical Holidays Abroad want you to remember this time as a pleasurable first step to your new smile and we use all means that lead to your comfort such as anesthesia and patient sedation. On the other hand, we may try to convince you that this type of treatment is painless and totally comfortable for a patient, but if you are scared, you won’t believe us. This is why we always provide our patients with contact details to our previous patients. It is the only way to dispel one’s doubts, as a real success story is always more convincing than any, even the most gentle, doctor’s confirmation.

How long will the procedure last?

Dental treatment is divided into two stages. The first of them is implementation and the second is placing crowns. Between these two things there is a recovery time that lasts from 3 to 6 months and is dependent on the individual situation. However, it doesn’t mean that you will be forced to live without teeth for 3 or more months. Our experts offer you temporary crowns and bridges for your daily comfort.

Why choose implants abroad?

Getting dental implants abroad can change your life in many ways, but what’s the most important: simple daily things such as chewing or smiling will stop being problematic. People with teeth implants are not affected by any type of discomfort and function like people with natural toothing. Implants also protect the natural structure of jaw that could be disturbed when missing a tooth or multiple teeth for a long time. However, the biggest advantage of getting implants abroad is the fact that we can offer you treatment in the best world clinics at affordable prices.

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