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Medical Holidays Abroad is crowdfunding!

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Medical Holidays Abroad as a part of Clinic Hunter has grown from an inspiring idea into a leader in medical tourism industry, offering medical services for foreign patients in Poland. We are looking forward to an exciting phase of growth.

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We have launched and equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs and you are the first to know. The campaign is the opportunity for our friends and patients to share in our growth as a business.

Don’t miss out… The offer is limited and demand is high! Our campaign start on 24th April on

Beauty Poland on Seedrs


Crowdfunding is a way for a company to raise capital through the investment efforts of a large group or community (in our case our Feel Good Tribe!). Crowdfunding can be and has been used to great success to bring ideas, ventures and new products to reality by harnessing the power of the crowd.


We have chosen crowdfunding as a means to raise investment, because we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to become a part of Clinic Hunter and solve the problem of NHS.


Financial Services Authority regulates the UK crowdfunding industry so only people based in the UK or Europe can invest in Clinic Hunter via our Seedrs campaign. The minimum investment size on Seedrs is just £10 so everybody can get involved!

This is not an invitation to invest.

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