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Dental treatment abroad? A list of 10 important questions that will help you make the right choice.

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We have prepared a lot of questions that will help you make the best decision.

dentist blog 1. Are you able to place me only with the doctors who are experienced in their field?

Your satisfaction translates into our reputability, therefore, we make sure that we cooperate only with the most respected clinics with well-qualified and experienced specialists.


 2. Does the clinic offer the dental procedure that I need?

We need to know your problem to find the best way to help you. It is important that you describe everything carefully – especially when you are not sure what exactly your problem is. The clinic will message you back in the shortest possible time to offer you the most suitable solutions and present you all options.

 3. Do I need a treatment plan?

A treatment plan is like a guide both for you and for your doctor. Also, preparing it may be useful when you decide to get other treatments in different clinics while staying abroad. All doctors should know your treatment schedule to make sure that the treatments do not interfere with each other.

 4. Does the clinic have a dental laboratory?

Most clinics own professional laboratories. Those that do not, cooperate with external highly regarded institutions and offer their patients free local transport from a clinic to the lab.

plane 5. What kind of help can I expect when organizing my travel?

As a travel agency we support you with your dental travel arrangement and help with finding accommodation. We want you to feel comfortable therefore we take care of all the issues related to your travel and stay.

 6. What to do if any complications occur?

Our doctors are top specialists, therefore they will listen to your needs and expectations and find the most suitable method of completion. Such services as dental crowns, bridges, teeth implants and veneers are always under warranty.  

 7. Will a doctor know my language?

As English is the most popular foreign language, the staff in our clinics offer communication in this language. However, in some of our clinics in Poland doctors also speak German, French, Russian and even Swedish or Norwegian.

 8. How do I know that the testimonials are real?

Our professional clinics constantly stay in touch with their patients. If you want to be put in touch with a person who received the same treatment in a specific clinic, it shouldn’t pose any problem.

 9. For how long should I plan my stay?

Everything depends on a particular treatment. Submit your inquiry and we will inform you about the exact duration of the procedure that you are interested in.

 10. Are there any side effects?

In such delicate treatments side effects may depend on an individual case. However, you can be sure that during a free consultation our doctor will check your medical history and explain any risks.

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