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Medical Holidays Abroad is happy to present to you our dental clinic in Carete- offering
comprehensive, effective dental treatment in Crete for competitive prices. We offer you high quality dental treatment in Crete, experienced doctors and recent methods of denstiry in Crete.

Our dentists in Crete are specialists with long experience in dentistry. They always do ther best to present to you alternative methods of dental treatment in order to meet your expectations as far as finances are concerned. We offer you all the services of dentistry abroad, including dental implants in Greece, crowns, dentures and many more.

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Crete Points of Interest

The Crete aquarium is a tourist attraction suitable both for adults and children. It poses the biggest aquarium of its kind in the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean area. You will find here numerous large tanks, filled with marine landscapes and amazing sea creatures. The place is very popular among tourists. It offers knowledge and entertainment.

The Samaria Gorge has long been the leading natural beauty on Crete so it is an atrraction that you cannot omit while you are here. It has 16 km in length and is the longest and most interesting in Europe to boot. Watch out for the large number of wild flowers as you trek as well as the mountain goats which are endangered species. This national park is open since 60s and always attract crowds of tourists, so it is recommended to visit the place early in the morning. It is also a perfect place for a picnic.

The village of Arhanes is located 14 km to the south of Iraklio. You can find here the spectacular Minoan palace, which used to be the most impressive attraction that the island offered. Unfortunatelly, currently only the remains of the building are preserved and pose just a part of its past glory. However, the villige itself is a wonderful place for sightseeing.

Matala offers an especially beautiful coastal location. Noehere else in the world can you found such breath-taking man-made caves, which date back to almost 2,000 years ago. Originally the caves posed Roman tombs and currently the area resembles a prehistoric city.

Matala Beach - Crete Agios-Nicolaos-in-Crete

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Reasons to choose dental treatments in Greece:

  • Free dental consultations: every patient is given comprehensive and professional treatment plan with exact prices
  • Care and trust: we take time to listen to all of our patients’ concerns
  • Team: our experienced dentists deliver the highest standards of dental treatments
  • Best in class service: treatment quality 4,47/5, complaint rate 0.005% (as reported by our patients)
  • Affordable treatment: fair and competitive prices
  • Dental treatment & holidays: get to know the land of islands

Dental tourism Crete:

  • Crete that is the biggest of the Greek islands covering an area of over 8.300km2.
  • While your staying in Crete you can visit Heraklion- its biggest city located near Knossos, a palace dwelt by King Minos and a maze built to retain King’s song, Minotaur. Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre that is amazing place for children and adults. There are many Boat Tour, you can try one of them.